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1*How to start?

Buying a car needn't be an ordeal; not if you're properly informed before you begin. Even with the large amount of automotive information available on the Internet, many people still purchase a new car within only a few days of deciding to buy. This leaves a huge opportunity for buyers to be "sold" a car rather than making an informed buying decision.So, even if you already have a strong sense about the vehicle you want, take some time to start your search with a "blank slate" and you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

2* Diesel or Petrol car?

It used to be a clear-cut decision; diesel for economy, petrol if you wanted to enjoy driving.
What's so great about diesels?
They're far more economical than petrol engines.
They're cleaner, with lower emissions, especially CO2
They have better 'pull' in the gears, reducing the need for gear changing.

What's so great about petrol?

Petrol engines are quieter, more responsive and faster revving than diesel engines.
They're generally cheaper to service.
They're catching up with diesels in the economy stakes.

3* wHERE TO bUY?

Buying car from the right person without any trouble or cubersome process is the main concern of each person who wants buy the car.
while buying a car there are many things to be kept in mind before taking any decision which may later turn out to be headache.But with today's online resources, buying your car is easier than ever. Find out all you need to know to put your requirement about the car for buying, and then list it with price range between minimum to maximum price which you can afford , than traditional printed classified listings. Plus, you reach more sellers in your area—and across the country. With Internet technology millions of people see your advertisement. Sellers from down the street, or across the country, will read your ad. You can even e-mail potential Sellers, sending them additional questions about vehicle. In general, buying a car today is a completely different experience